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this web page is dedicated to martial arts

This web page is dedicated to Martial Arts.
  1. All martial arts information presented will be factual.
  2. Martial arts subjects will have sources stated.
  3. All opinions offered will be labeled.
  4. There will be included resource links.
  5. Constructive comments are welcomed.
  6. Local schools are listed under Martial Arts in the yellow pages.

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Sparring is the physical application of offensive and defensive techniques gained from patterns and other fundamental exercises against a moving opponent or opponents. The two most common forms of sparring are set-sparring and free sparring.

Set-sparring can incorporate many offensive and defensive techniques. There are various subdivisions but all involve one partner executing either one or a series of offensivetechniques and the other partner using the appropriate defensive techniques.

Free sparring is more common and is the more popular side of Tae Kwon-do. It is used in competitions and only allows techniques to be executed above the waist and to the front part of the body. In the U.K the semi-contact style is the most common where techniques score points if they are executed to within 2cm of the opponent and were not blocked. Light pads are worn for safety.

In other countries and the Olympics the full contact style is used and heavy body armour is necessary.

The disadvantage of sparring is that only a fraction of techniques are legal so many techniques useful for self-defence cannot be practised.

Contributed by: ITF Taekwondo

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ju jitsu experience



U Tube - Rahsun with Ju Jitsu Guys at Iron Ring N.Y.

FIGHTING Ju Jitsu - U Tube Videos

chinese martial arts


Chinese martial arts

Kung Fu - Source Wikipedia The free Encyclopedia

Link #1 secrets of how to stop any attacker dead in his tracks!


Kung Fu Training Secrets - Home Page Sifu Tony Mendosa Jr.

ancient weapons

  Ancient weapons


     The Old Kingdom had soldiers equipped with a great variety of weapons: shields, spears, cudgels, maces, daggers, bows and arrows. Quivers and battle axes came into use before the second Intermediary Period, which was a time of revolution in the Egyptian martial arts. The earliest metal arrowheads date from the 11th dynasty (ca.2000 BCE), made of copper hardened by hammering.
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Gungdo - Korean Archery


Roman military equipment


list of martial arts weapons


List of martial arts weapons


Mississippi School of Fencing

martial arts videos

               Martial Arts Videos

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