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Martial Arts 2
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The Begining!

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A Fictional Story!
   The time 3000 years ago.  Life  experienced was not the same as today.
   The ancient people often did not have safety, food, shelter. and
   peice of mind. The common man could not rely to be protected
   by the established powerful at the time.
   Fictional Scenario:
   An individual who sought justice, self protection, develope
   fighting skills, acquire a philosophy of life. Did not have
   a large variety of available, tested, martial arts schools.
   Often these skills were not availabe to the public.
   Family, selected students, military, and self taught were the sources
   of learning in that day. 
   There were individuals who survived military campaigns who
   learned from the exchange of combat certain martial arts
   techniques. Some individuals were lucky to serve martial
   arts individuals and were later taught fighting techniques.
   There were no belts at this time.  Experience, and the techniques
   learned and practiced became apparent when the victor
   remained standing. Hand to hand combat is a developed art
   over many years. Individuals always bring contributing
   elements of the fighting arts to benefit many.
  Conclusion: Some individuals who practice a form of martial arts
                      discover that there are many benefits besides the
                      obvious offense and defense forms.
                     Such As: 1) Focus
                                    2) Physical conditioning & heath
                                    3) Confidence
                                    4) Courage
                                    5) Honor
                                    6) Spiritual Enligtenment
                                    7)  Perseverence
                                    8)  Embrace a philosophy of life
                                    9)  Mental Developement
                                   10) Embrace and respect Nature
                                   11) Hone skills & test them